2024 Course Catalogue


Anti Money Laundering and Countering Financing of Terrorism warrant a broad of spectrum of courses to ensure the topic is approached from every possible angle.

AML/CFT Awareness  - various jurisdictions

Any AML/CFT framework has to start from organization wide awareness on the topic.

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AML/CFT Awareness - Wwft

AML approached from the perspective of the regulator in The Netherlands. This course  is focused on the Dutch regulations and is in Dutch.

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Awareness on AML/CFT is the beginning, the importance of KYC and CDD is next.

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Sanctions Compliance

Sanctions Compliance is an ever changing discipline to ensure sanctions are adhered to.

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Client Lifecycle Management

The focus in KYC and AML is often on Client on Boarding, but that’s not enough. It’s crucial that AML Risks are managed throughout the  whole client lifecycle.

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Proliferation Financing

More and more regulators pay specific attention to Proliferation Financing. This course explains why and focuses on the differences and connections with AML, KYC and Sanctions.

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AML/CFT Tone at the Top

Financial Crime Compliance starts at the top.

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AML Awareness and Taking Client Responsibility

Taking responsibility for AML and CFT requires a sound understanding of clients. How to deal with clients and ensure all information relevant for the relation is obtained and captured is a crucial element in client onboarding and CDD.

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Trade Finance and Trade Based Money Laundering

Trade Finance is a topic of increasing interest in the world of AML/CFT and Financial Crime Compliance in general. i-KYC offers a range of courses that help you and your staff understand not only the business aspects but also the risks and potential countermeasures.

Introduction to Trade Finance (TF)

Global trade is forever rising and financial institutions play a crucial role in enabling these trade flows. To understand the Financial Crime risks related to this part of the financial system an understanding of Trade Finance is of crucial importance.

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Trade Based Money Laundering (TBML)

Trade Finance lends itself to a whole range of money laundering techniques that are entirely different from ‘normal’ money laundering. Apart from a sound understanding of Trade Finance as such, Trade Based Money Laundering is a key topic to understand.

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TBML - E-learning & Webinar

The Programme is structured as blended learning and consists of two components:

  1.  An introductory TBML e-learning
  2.   Followed by a live and interactive virtual classroom deep-dive
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Performing Customer Due Diligence is part craft, part art. We train the specialist that excel in CDD.

KYC Analyst Programme

To become a CDD Analyst is the ambition of many.

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Crypto and Virtual Assets

The world of crypto is hectic and in the news but… what is it all about and how does crypto compare to more traditional parts of the financial system. Related to that: what AML/CFT risks can be distinguished and managed. The following programs cover all these topics.

Introduction to Crypto, Blockchain and Virtual Assets

A relative short yet comprehensive course that explains the basics of blockchain, decentralised finance and virtual assets.

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AML Risks specific to Crypto Currencies and Virtual Assets

All about blockchain, virtual assets and decentralised finance combined with a comprehensive overview of AML risks specific to these new developments.

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Crypto and AML - E-learning & Webinar

Participants to the course will get to understand the basics of blockchain and crypto as well as the inherent AML risks. In the (virtual) classroom section of this programme participants will be lead through a range of specific topics and various case studies.

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There’s a fine line between tax avoidance and tax evasion and other tax related offences and crimes. Several aspects of Financial Crime in relation to tax matters are worth  studying.

Tax integrity, Financial Crime & OFC

There are 1000s of offshore financial centres which are – by nature – of  interest to financial crime and tax integrity.

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FATCA/CRS Awareness

When FATCA was introduced by the US, the EU followed swiftly with the  Common Reporting Standard. Both topics are related to Client-on-Boarding, CDD and Financial Crime Compliance.

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MiFID II - Duty of Care

The European MiFID regulations are of importance from a regulatory compliance perspective.

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Several topics in the risk area have a close relation to AML, CFT and PF.



To achieve operational compliance a sound understanding of Operational Risk Management is of the essence.

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Systematic Integrity Risk Assessment

More and more regulators require financial institutions to manage integrity risks in an integrated, continuous manner.

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Business Integrity

Financial Crime Compliance is closely related to and influenced by a more broad range of Business Integrity topics.

Anti-bribery & Corruption for Financial Institutions

Since Financial Institutions deal with customers’ money, trust is of the essence. Anti Bribery and Corruption is therefore a topic of utmost importance.

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Cyber Security

Creating a safe digital work environment starts from understanding the risks, risk mitigating measures and things all staff need to know – and do – on a day-to-day basis.

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GDPR and Data Protection

Data protection and international or local regulation on privacy and data management become more an more important. Organisations need to understand the requirements from regulators and need to implement the regulations in a sound yet practical way.

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Workplace Behaviours: Bullying

What is bullying and what should you do if you see it occur in the workplace? Every member of your organisation needs to be aware of these types of issues because the consequences of unacceptable behaviour, left unmanaged, can be severe.

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Workplace Behaviours: Discrimination and sexual harassment

Where does flirting stop and harassment begin? And when is a joke not a joke but can be considered an act of discrimination. Every employee in your organisation needs to be aware of these types of issues because the consequences of unacceptable behaviour, left unmanaged, can be severe.

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Workplace Behaviours: Diversity and inclusion

A team needs different players, but how to build a truly  diverse and inclusive organisation? Every company  or organisation needs understand some key principles of diversity and inclusion, needs to have a company policy and implement these principles so that all staff are aware and can comply.

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ESG (Environment, Society and Governance)

Implementing ESG principles in organisations – this course is an informative three-module course which provides a unique opportunity for organisations to upskill and enhance their employees’ understanding of ESG.

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Modern Slavery

Modern slavery can be found in the supply chains of many organisations. The practises that constitute modern slavery are serious human rights violations and serious crimes. Globally, organisations are being increasingly required to eradicate the use of modern slavery in their supply chains and are more and more requested to be able to demonstrate this.

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Fraud Awareness

Fraud exists in almost every workplace, regardless of the type of industry, the size of the organisation and even the job role of the employee. It also often goes undetected by other employees. However, when fraud comes to light, it is more likely to be detected by a tipoff from colleagues than by any other means.

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