Operational Risk Management



45 – 60 minutes


Operational Risk Management

In pursuit of our strategic objectives, in the environment of high competition and innovation, each of us has to become more ambitious and daring. Acting like entrepreneurs requires both appetite and a cautionary approach for risk and reward.
Operational risk is a cost of doing business which must be controlled and budgeted for. Integrating operational risk management concepts, tools, and processes into your day-to-day activities will lead to improved organizational performance and deliver sustainable financial results.
Mature operational risk management originates from a profound awareness and its recognition across the organization. Please follow this training as one of the steps in our joint effort to better recognize, understand and manage operational risk.

Target Audience

Any staff in a financial institution.


At the end of the training, participants will have a basic understanding of operational risk management and will be able to:


1. Definition of Operational Risk
2. Operational Risk Subtypes
3. Operational Risk Management (ORM)
4. Tools in Operational Risk Management Cycle
5. Roles & Responsibilities


The course can be done at any time behind  a computer and will take 40 – 60 minutes to complete

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