Crypto and Virtual Assets

The world of crypto is hectic and in the news but… what is it all about and how does crypto compare to more traditional parts of the financial system. Related to that: what AML/CFT risks can be distinguished and managed. The following programs cover all these topics.

Introduction to Crypto, Blockchain and Virtual Assets

A relative short yet comprehensive course that explains the basics of blockchain, decentralised finance and virtual assets.

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AML Risks specific to Crypto Currencies and Virtual Assets

All about blockchain, virtual assets and decentralised finance combined with a comprehensive overview of AML risks specific to these new developments.

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Crypto and AML - E-learning & Webinar

Participants to the course will get to understand the basics of blockchain and crypto as well as the inherent AML risks. In the (virtual) classroom section of this programme participants will be lead through a range of specific topics and various case studies.

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