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i-KYC’s partners and consultants share extensive, hands-on experience in a variety of financial crime prevention disciplines as well as a passion to help our customers face down the challenges to their financial integrity.

Pieter van den Akker has over 25 years of international banking experience in a variety of line management functions both in developed and emerging markets. He has run wholesale and retail banking operations in Asia, the Middle East and Northern Europe. Pieter was also the founding Director of the ABN AMRO Academy.

Until he left ABN AMRO Bank following its takeover to start i-KYC Pieter was the Group Head of AML Operations and responsible for co-creating the bank’s revamped AML control framework and for managing a global team of CDD and Transaction Surveillance specialists.

In 2022 he stepped down from his role as senior partner in i-KYC but remains involved in delivering and developing courses.

Pieter has a Masters degree in International Law from University of Amsterdam.

Pieter de Voogd has over 15 years of experience in the area of ICT and Business Intelligence. He has participated in many international projects within the banking industry including ING, ABN AMRO, RBS and Rabobank but also at corporations and governmental institutions.

By combining his overall business knowledge of AML, finance, marketing and HR with his Business Intelligence expertise he helps organisations in the process of transforming corporate data into meaningful strategic, tactical and operational management information. Within the anti-money laundering field, he has worked in the areas of customer due diligence, transaction surveillance and risk management with key stakeholders at the global, regional and national level. While focusing on realizing customer centric solutions, he also keeps sight of the larger overall picture within complex organizations.

Based in the Netherlands, Pieter is a certified Microsoft Professional and has extensive knowledge of Data Warehousing, Data Analytics, Business Intelligence and practical, hands-on skills of the Microsoft BI Suite and SAP Business Objects.

Robbert has specialised in advising organisations in various sectors about criminal and security related compliance risks, like doing business across the globe with unknown partners and arms proliferation. Robbert provides expert knowledge on how to comply with international anti-money laundering, sanctions and (arms related) export control regulations for strategic goods, services and data that have been adopted to make the world a safer place.

Robbert began as a counter terrorism analyst at a Dutch intelligence service mid 2003. He has participated in various national and international counter terrorism investigations. As the threat from home grown islamist extremism decreased after the arrest of members of the Hofstad group, his focus shifted towards analysing the evolving international terrorist threat to Western interests around the world from al Qaeda linked groups. He did not only study the phenomenon of terrorism itself, but also became interested in crimes and criminal groups that are related to terrorism.

He therefore studied the phenomena of arms proliferation, terrorist funding and money laundering activities by criminal groups and the complex cross border structures terrorist and criminal groups have used in order to prevent the attention of authorities.

Although new laws against arms proliferation, terrorist funding, money laundering and sanctions  have been adopted everywhere, the process of globalisation terrorist and criminal groups still leave ample possibilities to mask their funding activities or laundering the proceeds of crime.  Robbert has a masters degree in general economics and has completed a study on terrorism and counter-terrorism on a masters level.

An experienced international consultant, Jeroen has worked both with Atos Consulting and for KPMG, as well as with Rabobank International.  Jeroen has a doctorate in business economics and completed his Certified Financial Manager studies.  He has successfully led the implementation of SOX and KYC projects with a number of companies, including ePlus, KPN Mobile, and ABN AMRO.

As a management consultant, Jeroen was recognised as an expert in the design and optimisation of business processes and procedures in line with compliance regulations.  His expertise developed not only as an advisor, but through his “hands-on” approach as a project manager.  In addition Jeroen has worked within several organisations to design and implement AML Operation Dashboards to enable senior management monitoring of the execution of AML policies.

Jeroen’s training experience spans a decade of assignments.  He has provided training as a guest lecturer at the Haarlem School of Economics and at the TQS Congres.  In addition, he has worked as a trainer/coach for Marsh Insurance, the KPMG Finance Academy and for RBS.  With several published articles in a variety of professional magazines, Jeroen brings his wealth of training and AML experience to the i-KYC team.

As project manager on look-back programmes, Helma knows the impact on organisations of investigating after the fact. She also knows where policies and procedures are under pressure in the hectic of day to day business and, as an experienced operational manager, Helma has a vast knowledge of that day to day business from beginning to end.

Thinking long-term and high level, Helma realises enduring results on the workfloor. Combining specialist knowledge on KYC and sanctions regulations, payment processing, trade finance and treasury settlements with an understanding of the psychology of teams and organisations, she manages towards embedding new and positive attitudes and working methods rather than only implementing procedures and manuals.

A hands-on professional with 20 years in banking and central banking as business analyst, business manager, line manager, change manager, project manager and business coach, Helma has worked for ING and ABN AMRO bank both in their head office organisations as well as in various international branch offices. She has expansive acquired experience working within different local cultures and jurisdictions. She creates awareness and promotes conscious decision taking in the ‘genes’ of the teams she works with, which in turn creates strong anchors and resilience for teams looking to be successful in the future.