Learning Formats

How knowledge and expertise is delivered

Companies and teams are not all the same and learning needs differ. We tailor the delivery format to your needs

Classroom, video, workshop or e-learning?

The effectiveness of any AML/CFT legal framework hinges on the ability of staff to apply the provisions of the relevant laws, regulations and company policy in their daily work.

However, it is not sufficient to just know the rules. Staff must be able to interpret and apply these rules correctly, i.e. have the right level of AML/CFT awareness. i-KYC uses a structured approach to develop its AML/CFT training programmes for its clients to maximise the learning benefits and focus on enhancing AML/CFT awareness.

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Classroom Training

Our trainers are thoroughly experienced in adult learning techniques as well as being AML subject matter experts. We will work with your organisation to ensure that the training objectives matter to the participants’ daily activities and are aligned with your business priorities.

Our training programmes are designed for maximum effectiveness. After all, if the participants cannot relate the training to their daily reality, why waste your money and their time?



A good AML learning strategy will make use of multiple delivery channels to get the message across to staff.

One of the more efficient delivery methods to use is e-learning, also known as computer-based learning. Especially when the learning objective is to disseminate relatively straightforward information to a large population, e-learning is an effective tool.


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