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Where we can be found

We work for a variety of customers across the world - their feedback tells the story of our success

Our Offices

We operate from The Netherlands and Singapore, that’s where our courses are made and designed for the rest of the world. But as you can read in other sections on this page we cover a large part of the world of financial crime via our partners. Moreover, most of our courses are e-learnings and can therefore be used anywhere in the world. On a laptop, desktop, tablet or even a handphone.

Fighting Financial Crime starts with awareness


Our Partners

We have partners in the Caribbean, Curacao, Australia, New Zealand, Gibraltar, India, The Philippines, Botswana, Armenia, Iraq, the UAE and cooperate with many firms on a case-by-case base to deliver the best financial crime training solutions to our customers.

As a result we cover most of Western Europe, the Middle East, Asia Pacific, Africa, the sub continent and large parts of EurAsia and the Americas.

Our Clients

On the page about Our Customers you’ll find several success stories describing the type of training assignments we handle. Of course, we have many customers that do not require such elaborate and all-encompassing solutions. We have customers that use only 1 module for a limited number of staff, we have customers that use our off-the-shelf courses and companies that have the material customised to the needs of the nature of the business and the relevant compliance policies. Either way we help our clients with the same dedicated service as we support larger financial institutions.

We have non-jurisdictional courses, courses for specific jurisdictions and courses in local language.

To give you some idea we have worked with companies (financial institutions and other organisations) in US, Curacao, The Netherlands, Singapore, Malaysia, India, The Philippines, Gibraltar and more


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