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Nobody succeeds in a silo. i-KYC believes in building partnerships, they’re central to our ability to deliver our products and services internationally.

IBIS Management Associates is the representative for i-KYC’s products and services in the Caribbean. IBIS Management was established in Curaçao, Dutch Caribbean in 2000, and is the leading provider of payment process and operational efficiency solutions and services for Financial Institutions and Corporates. The company has recently extended its expertise into Blockchain development and project management.

Contact Details:

Germaine Gibbs
VP Business Development & Marketing
Willemstad, Curaçao

Whitebridge Consulting

In India Whitebridge is i-KYC’s strategic partner. The main objective of the firm is to help organisations in Financial Services with a range of consulting services in – Compliance, Risk  Management, Operations, Technology and Business Strategy.

Contact Details:

Kannan Swaminathan, CEO
+91 98410 49917

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