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Integrity Matters

Making AML/CFT compliance work for you

Our mission is to efficiently and effectively reconcile your business priorities with your AML/CFT Compliance obligations. This means:

  • Systematically protecting the organisation against regulatory and reputational risk;
  • Optimising the time required by the front office for the administration of this work;
  • Maximising the commercial value of the information gathered during the KYC process.

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Transparency increases the cost of hiding the truth

There is no right way to do the wrong thing

The Approach

The i-KYC specialists earned their expertise in large financial firms and by working closely with enforcement agencies and intelligence services. This broad infusion of AML experience uniquely allows them to connect the dots across the AML spectrum and means that they understand the challenges you face to facilitate your clients’ financial needs without jeopardising your licence to operate.

Our Team

With their many years of hands-on experience, our financial crime prevention specialists can help you strike a safe balance between your business needs and your regulatory obligations and translate your Compliance policies into practical processes to deliver robust protection and peace of mind. Sounds like a fit? Check us out.

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From experience we can say that nothing beats working in a team that is dedicated to, and passionate about safeguarding the integrity of our financial sector. If this resonates with you, check out our current opportunities.


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