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Certification is needed to prove the ability of indivuals


Obtaining a certification for a training course can be a valuable asset for individuals looking to advance their careers or learn new skills. Certification demonstrates a level of knowledge and competency in a particular field or subject matter, and can often lead to increased job opportunities and higher salaries.

Earning a certification can also be a rewarding personal accomplishment, as it shows a dedication to learning and professional development. In addition, many employers and clients look favorably upon individuals who have received certification, as it demonstrates a commitment to staying current and improving one’s skills.

Overall, obtaining certification for a training course can be a valuable investment in one’s personal and professional growth, and can open up a range of new opportunities and possibilities.

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i-KYC's Certificate of Completion

Each i-KYC module or course ends with a Knowledge Check to test if the participants have understood the content of the training. Upon succesfull completion of the Knowledge Check, participants will receicve a Certificatoin of Completion.  i-KYC ‘s Certification of Completion are used across the world  as an audit trail for evidence of completion towards the regulator for mandotory annual trainings. Furthermore, our Certification programmes have helps numerous individuals advancing their carreers or finding new job opportunities.


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Certification Programme

More than 10 thousand people have followed i-KYC courses and our certification program has been customised for numerous customers. Contact us to discuss how we can tailor this program for your purposes

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