Introduction to Cryptocurrencies their Financial Crime Risks

Crypto and Virtual Assets


45 – 60 minutes


AML/CFT Risk and Cryptocurrencies

Crypto, blockchain, virtual assets and decentralised finance are new buzzwords and the concepts behind these phenomena are new and unknown to many. This e-learning explains it all in a clear and concise way and highlights Financial Crime risks specific to the topic.

Crypto, blockchain and virtual assets are relatively new phenomena. Even traditional financial institutions need to understand the basics of this parallel universe. If only to understand the dealings of clients that are active in the world of decentralised finance and Virtual Asset Service Providers

This training gives an overview of all these elements and explains on a basic level how the  crypto world works and what AML risks need to be taken into account.


DURATION: APPROXIMATELY 45 – 60  minutes including knowledge checks
TARGET AUDIENCE: This e-learning module is especially relevant for client facing and operational staff working in Financial Institutions in the broadest sense.
COURSE OVERVIEW: The Introduction to Crypto, Blockchain and Virtual Assets e-learning course has especially been designed by subject matter experts to provide an overview of the basics and of the AML risks to be managed
COURSE OBJECTIVES: After completing the e-learning a participant will be able to:

  • Understand how blockchain works
  • Have a basic understanding of the  various types of crypto currencies
  • Explain what virtual assets are
  • Elaborate on the role of Virtual Asset Service Providers (VASPs)
  • Describe the relation and differences between the traditional financial services industry and the world of virtual assets
  • Understand and explain the Financial Crime risks related to crypto
  • Be able to elaborate on the differences with the traditional financial world
METHODOLOGY: The course has been developed using the latest e-learning authoring tools and is informative, interactive and engaging.
COURSE OVERVIEW: The course will consist of skills training and testing.

Course content:

  • Introduction
  • Fundamentals of Crypto
  • Understanding Blockchain
  • Virtual Assets
  • Virtual Asset Service Providers
  • AML and broader Financial Crime Risks
  • Management of these risks
  • Knowledge Check

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