ESG (Environment, Society and Governance)

Business Integrity


45 – 60 minutes


ESG encourages organisations to act responsibly on environmental and social issues in the way they operate and do business. Underpinned by effective governance, this course illuminates the benefits of ESG, not only for businesses, investors, and consumers, but also for the planet and broader society.

DURATION: Approximately 40 – 60 minutes including knowledge checks
TARGET AUDIENCE:  This course is suitable for managers and general staff that need to know the basics of ESG; ESG is only effective when it is implemented by diverse stakeholders across entire supply chains. Directors, managers and employees all have a part to play in ensuring an organisation is sustainable, equitable and promotes good governance.
COURSE OVERVIEW: The data protection and privacy course has been specially designed by subject matter experts who understand the regulations and  how to implement these. This course explains how all employees have an essential role to play in keeping businesses safe.
COURSE OBJECTIVES: After completing the training the learner will be able to:

  • define the principles of ESG
  • have an understanding of criteria for environmental screening
  • understand environmental threats
  • define greenwashing and other concerns
  • understand principles of human right, equity, diversity and inclusion
  • describe social impact of modern slavery, indigenous engagement and geopolitics
  • summarise key approaches to employee health, wellbeing and philanthropy
  • define effective governance and how it underpins social and environmental performance
  • list the capabilities a board needs to implement effective ESG strategies
  • summarise the steps to create a risk management framework to support good governance
COURSE Content:

Module 1 – Environmental Standards

Module 2 – Social Standards

Module 3 – Governance Standards

Every module is concluded with a knowledge check.


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