Fraud Awareness

Business Integrity


60 – 75 minutes


The cost fraud brings to an organisation is enormous and rising every year. A recent global study by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners found that in 2018 fraud resulted in over $9 billion in losses, with 22% of cases costing over $1 million. Fraud was not limited to large businesses: small businesses lost almost twice as much per scheme to fraud as businesses with over 100 employees. It is therefore crucial that all staff in all organisations know how to recognise fraud and who to report it to.


DURATION: Approximately 60 – 75 minutes including knowledge checks
TARGET AUDIENCE:  This course is suitable for employees at all levels and in all areas of your organisation and especially relevant for staff working in fraud risk areas like accounting, operations, sales management, customer service and procurement.
COURSE OVERVIEW: This course uses real-life examples and scenarios to guide individuals how to identify fraud, understand the consequences of fraud for the fraudster and the organisation and gives guidance and reporting and prevention of fraud.
COURSE OBJECTIVES: Upon completion of the entire course participants will be able to

  • Define internal and external fraud.
  • Understand the risks and red flags of both types of fraud.
  • Define who commits fraud.
  • Understand the consequences of fraud for the fraudster and the organisation.
  • Take action when suspecting fraud.
  • Describe a fraud risk management framework.
  • Build fraud awareness.
  • Describe fraud prevention methods.
  • Define the elements of a fraud detection, reporting and response system.
COURSE Content:

Module 1 – Understanding fraud

Module 2 – Internal fraud committed by staff

Module 3 – External fraud committed by a third party

Module 4 – Identity fraud

Module 5 – Fraud risk management

Every module is concluded with a knowledge check.


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