GDPR and Data Protection

Business Integrity


30 – 45 minutes


Data protection and international or local regulation on privacy and data management become more an more important. Organisations need to understand the requirements from regulators and need to implement the regulations in a sound yet practical way.

DURATION: Approximately 30 – 45  minutes including knowledge checks
TARGET AUDIENCE:  This training course is suitable for everyone responsible for handling information in the workplace, whether they are at work, at home or offsite. Specific attention is given to staff dealing with customer information.
COURSE OVERVIEW: The data protection and privacy course has been specially designed by subject matter experts who understand the regulations and  how to implement these. This course explains how all employees have an essential role to play in keeping businesses safe.
COURSE OBJECTIVES: After completing the training the learner will be able to:

  • define the principles of data security and privacy
  • have a basic understanding of regulation in this field
  • understand how regulations translate to basic policy principles
  • be able to recognise violations and breaches of policy
  • have a working knowledge of actions to be taken to prevent breaches
  • know how to act and report on breaches
  • identify common online social engineering scams
  • outline what to do when a cybersecurity incident occurs
COURSE Content: Available on request


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