Anti-Bribery & Corruption

Business Integrity


45 – 60 minutes


Anti-bribery & Corruption for Financial Institutions

Pervasive bribery and corruption distorts economic fundamentals and erodes public confidence in the integrity of governmental institutions. It is a scourge in particular for developing economies, depriving these countries of sustainable economic growth opportunities.

In part due to examples of manifestly obscene corruption abuse countries have reinforced existing Anti-Bribery and Corruption legislation, or have introduced new laws. An interesting development is the increasing tendency to give this legislation extra-territorial reach. Whilst understandable, this imposes significant risks on non-national companies and even private individuals that need to be addressed.

Forward thinking banks require Anti-Bribery & Corruption (ABC) training to not only provide their staff with essential information about the organisation’s policy but also to enhance their knowledge and awareness on this important topic, i.e. their ability to recognise suspicious situations and apply the bank’s policy correctly.

DURATION: APPROXIMATELY 45 – 60  minutes including knowledge tests
TARGET AUDIENCE: The target audience includes all employees working across a range of financial and non-financial business sectors and for all types of job functions.
COURSE OVERVIEW: The Anti-bribery and Corruption course has especially been designed by subject matter experts. In  this highly interactive course, you will learn about Global Anti-Corruption/Bribery laws and how to do your job while complying with the law.
COURSE OBJECTIVES: After completing the e-learning a participant will be able to:

  • Coherently discuss the global social context of bribery and what the damage it can do to society
  • Explain what constitutes bribery and the risks facing your organisation
  • Understand the legal framework
  • Demonstrate awareness of suspicious bribery risk situations/red flags
  • Respond appropriately to bribery-related dilemmas at work
  • Identify and report instances of bribery and corruption
METHODOLOGY: The course has been developed using the latest e-learning authoring tools and is informative, interactive and engaging. Several case studies are presented to make the course practical and recognisable for the learner.
COURSE OVERVIEW: The course will consist of skills training and testing, and throughout there will be a particular focus on enhancing anti-bribery and corruption awareness.

Course content:

  • Introduction and objectives
  • What is bribery and why it matters
  • Common bribery challenges
  • Bribery challenges for the bank
  • Bribery laws and their consequences
  • Anti-bribery guidance and reporting
  • Knowledge test

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