Anti-Money Laundering Certification Training



45 – 60 minutes


Anti-Money Laundering Certification Training

Financial institutions are required by their regulatory authorities to provide all employees with an annual anti-money laundering certification training.  Regular AML/CFT Risk Awareness training enhances employees’ vigilance against the latest ML/TF risks faced by the business and their role in mitigating this risk.

Using the highly regarded i-KYC Annual AML/CFT all staff Awareness e-learning can help organisations to effectively train and test their staff about correct understanding of the latest AML/CFT risks and trends.

Course Overview

The Annual AML/CFT Risk Awareness course has been specially designed by subject matter experts. This course explains how financial institutions can be used for Money Laundering and Terrorist Financing activities and describes the essential procedures and controls that firms must have in place to mitigate those risks.

Country/Regional Specific Content

Modules with specific content on AML/CFT Laws & Regulations are available, examples:

  • The Netherlands: Wwft
  • Singapore: CDSA and TSOFA
  • US: AMLA and FinCEN
  • Canada: PCMLTFA and FINTRAC
  • UK: POCA
  • UAE: CB UAE & DFSA regulated
  • Australia: AUSTRAC
  • Malaysia: AMLA
  • Caribbean Region
  • The Philippines: AMLA

For other countries/regions please contact us.

Target Audience

 The Annual AML/CFT Risk Awareness training can be designed as an all-staff anti-money laundering awareness course or targeted to a specific group or department.

Training Methodology

The course has been developed using the latest e-learning authoring tools and is informative, interactive and engaging. The course modules end with knowledge checks to assess what the participant has learned. The results of the tests can be saved or printed and can serve as an audit trail for evidence towards the regulator.


Depending on the number of topics desired, this e-learning course can consist of 3 modules which will take approximately 45 minutes to complete, including taking the knowledge checks.

Overview Course Content

Module 1: Money Laundering & Terrorism Finance

  • Definitions of ML & TF
  • Predicate offences
  • The three phases of money laundering: Placement, Layering & Integration
  • The Money laundering Challenge: Can you launder dirty money? (interactive case study)

Module 2: AML/CFT Laws & Regulations

  •    AML/CFT Legislations
  •    Key requirements of AML/CFT law
  •    CDD/KYC policies financial institutions
  •    ML/TF Red flags

Module 3: Knowledge Check

  • Minimum passing score
  • Audit trail: evidence of completion
  • Certificate of Completion

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