Diversity and inclusion

Business Integrity


10 – 15 minutes


Diversity and inclusion

This module is part of a comprehensive Workplace Behaviours training.

A team needs different players, but how to build a truly  diverse and inclusive organisation? Every company  or organisation needs understand some key principles of diversity and inclusion, needs to have a company policy and implement these principles so that all staff are aware and can comply.

This course is developed by our partners at GRC Solutions.

DURATION: Approximately 10 -15  minutes including knowledge checks
TARGET AUDIENCE:  This diversity and inclusion training is suitable for all staff in general and for human resource and line managers specifically.
COURSE OVERVIEW: The course has been specially designed by subject matter experts with knowledge of and expertise in human resource management. This course explains how all employees have an role to play in ensuring all staff is and feels included and diversity is supported and promoted.
COURSE OBJECTIVES: After completing the training the learner will be able to:

  • define the principles of diversity
  • define the principles of inclusion
  • describe indicators of adversity
  • identify situations or practices that inflict diversity and inclusion
  • understand and be able to act on malpractises

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