Trade Based Money Laundering Training

Trade and Money Laundering


45-60 minutes


Trade Based Money Laundering Training (TBML)

International trade and trade instruments have important features that make them potentially attractive vehicles to launder criminal money. The sheer volume and international nature of trade, frequent use of offshore entities such as Free Trade Zones and complex trade finance instruments create a cloak of complexity and lack of transparency that the financial criminals seek.

Banks have historically provided crucial trust enhancement to the process to facilitate trade and may therefore be indirectly exposed to abuse by criminals to launder their ill-gotten gains.

DURATION: APPROXIMATELY 45 – 60  minutes including knowledge checks
TARGET AUDIENCE: The target audience includes all employees working across a range of financial and non-financial business sectors and for all types of job functions.
COURSE OVERVIEW: The Trade Based Money Laundering (TBML) e-learning course has especially been designed by subject matter experts to provide banking professionals  with an overview of Trade based Money Laundering risks.
COURSE OBJECTIVES: After completing the e-learning a participant will be able to:

  • Name the 3 key features of a TBML schemes
  • Distinguish 4 TBML techniques
  • Identify key TBML Red Flags
  • Assess the AML risk profile of proposed trade transactions
METHODOLOGY: The course has been developed using the latest e-learning authoring tools and is informative, interactive and engaging. Several case studies are presented to make the course practical and recognisible for the learner.
COURSE OVERVIEW: The course will consist of skills training and testing, and throughout there will be a particular focus on enhancing  AML/CFT awareness.

Course content:

  • An introduction on TBML principles
  • Key features of a TBML scheme
  • Various TBML methods and techniques used by criminals;
  • TBML Typologies
  • AML red flags

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