AML/CFT and Client Due Diligence

This course consists of two modules. The first module is an introduction to the topic of anti-money laundering and counter terrorism financing and the role of banks. Module two addresses the legal and regulatory framework and the implications for bank’s operations.

This course targets banks’ client facing staff, customer support staff, junior Compliance officers, and senior management. This course is also very well suited for non-bank actors dealing with this topic, such as Fund Managers, Trust & Company Services Providers, FinTech and RegTech companies as well as larger corporations who are on the receiving end of requests for information.


DURATION: APPROXIMATELY 60  minutes including two knowledge checks
TARGET AUDIENCE: Staff working across a range of financial and non-financial business sectors and for all types of job functions.
COURSE OVERVIEW: The course provides an overview of Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing and addresses the impact on banking operations, especially with respect to Customer Due Diligence investigations. It has been especially designed by subject matter experts to clarify how banks manage their regulatory responsibilities.
COURSE OBJECTIVES: After completing the e-learning a participant will be able to:

  • Discuss the impact of money-laundering and terrorist financing;
  • Explain the three stages of Money Laundering;
  • Discuss the need of AML/CFT legislation;
  • Explain the role of regulatory authorities;
  • Understand the implications of Customer Due Diligence investigations.
METHODOLOGY: The course has been developed using the latest e-learning authoring tools and is informative, interactive and engaging.
COURSE OVERVIEW: Module 1: Introduction to Money Laundering & Terrorism Financing

  • Why do criminals launder money;
  • What are the consequences of money laundering;
  • What are the 3 stages of money laundering;
  • what is the role of banks;
  • What is terrorism and terrorism financing;
  • What are the principle uses and sources of money by terrorist organisations;
  • What are the principal methods used by terrorist organisations to transfer money;
  • Knowledge check.

Module 2: Implications for banks: Customer Due Diligence

  • Laws & regulations;
  • Three lines of defence;
  • Three elements of KYC;
  • Risk-based approach to CDD;
  • Managing risks through the client lifecycle;
  • Special CDD topics;
  • Knowledge check.

AML/CFT and Client Due Diligence

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