Trade Based Money Laundering - E-learning & Webinar

Trade and Money Laundering

e-Learning and (virtual) classroom

2 – 4 hours

To be planned

Trade Based Money Laundering – E-learning & Webinar

International trade and trade instruments have important features that make them potentially attractive vehicles to launder criminal money. The sheer volume and international nature of trade, frequent use of offshore entities such as Free Trade Zones and complex trade finance instruments create a cloak of complexity and lack of transparency that the financial criminals seek.

Participants to the course will be immersed in the world of international trade, whereby TBML typologies will be analysed for AML Red Flags. During the interactive webinar section of this programme participants will apply the highly regarded i-KYC TBML Risk Ladder exercise to demonstrate their correct understanding of the relative AML risk issues.

DURATION:                e-Learning: 1 – 2 hours; webinar: approximately 1 -2 hours
TARGET AUDIENCE:       This e-learning module and webinar is especially relevant for client facing Commercial Bankers, Trade & Commodity Finance specialists, Customer Support staff, Risk Management analysts and AML Compliance officers
COURSE OBJECTIVES:                 After completing the e-learning and webinar a participant will be able to:

  • Name the 3 key features of TBML schemes;
  • Distinguish 4 TBML techniques;
  • Identify key TBML Red Flags.
TOPICS: The course consists of skills training and testing, and throughout there will be a particular focus on enhancing AML/CFT awareness.

Course content:

  • An introduction on TBML principles;
  • Key features of a TBML scheme;
  • Various TBML methods and techniques used by criminals;
  • TBML Typologies;
  • AML red flags.