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Financial Crime Compliance covers many topics, which might differ per country

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Financial Crime Compliance comprises of many topics. We have grouped all topics that we cover below. In principle all topics can be covered in all formats, in any language and can be tailored to any jurisdiction or internal company policy.

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Trade Finance and TBML

Trade Finance and TBML (Trade Based Money Laundering) are of increasing importance in finance and financial crime compliance. i-KYC is one of the few firms that has the experts inhouse to develop, tailor and deploy the courses.

We have several e-learning modules on the topic and we have listed a more extensive programme that we frequently deploy for our customers.

All courses can be tailored to the needs of your jurisdiction and organization and translation into local language is possible as well.

Available courses

Trade Finance e-learning – Introduction to Trade Finance, typically a training for a wide group of staff. The course is readily available in English.

TBML e-learning – An in-depth training on Trade Based Money Laundering, targeted at front- and back-office staff that have a basis understanding of Trade Finance and need to know the ins and outs  of TBML. The course is readily available in English.

Extensive TF and TBML Programme – For several of our clients we have made a half- or full-day programme where in preparation for the classroom or video session participants are to do both e-learning modules. In the live sessions the material from the e-learnings is taken as a basis in various cases and group discussion.


Other TF and TBML courses – all TF and TBML courses can be tailored to the requirements of your organization and can be deployed as e-learning, workshop and classroom or video training.

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