European Market Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR)

EMIR – the European Market Infrastructure Regulation-  is the central pillar of a wide-ranging programme of regulatory reform for the derivate market, based on G20 commitments following the financial crisis of 2008. The regulation is aimed specifically at increasing transparency and reducing counterparty default risk in the OTC derivative market.

Banks and other OTC derivative market participants are required to adhere to the obligations imposed by EMIR and, in doing, contribute to a sound and robust market structure.


DURATION: APPROXIMATELY 45 – 60  minutes including knowledge checks
TARGET AUDIENCE: This course is ideal for anyone wishing to be introduced to the EMIR and the respective regulatory provisions including professionals in charge of business, legal and operational matters inherent in OTC derivatives transactions.
COURSE OVERVIEW: The EMIR course has been specially designed by subject matter experts. This course addresses the rationale, objectives and obligations for financial institutions of EMIR.
COURSE OBJECTIVES: After completing the e-learning a participant will be able to:

  • Understand the background to EMIR and the regulation’s key elements;
  • Explore the implications for clearing, reporting and risk mitigation of OTC derivatives;
  • Become aware of challenges and opportunities;
  • Identify the right risk management procedures;
  • Assess the impact of EMIR for your organisation/business.
METHODOLOGY: The course has been developed using the latest e-learning authoring tools and is informative, interactive and engaging. Several case studies are presented to make the course practical and recognisible for the learner.
COURSE OVERVIEW: The course will consist of skills training and testing, and throughout there will be a particular focus on enhancing EMIR awareness.

Course content:

  • Why EMIR?
  • Scope of Parties
  • Thresholds
  • The impact of Brexit
  • Transparency
  • Clearing obligations
  • Risk mitigation of OTC derivatives
  • Extra-territorial reach of EMIR
  • Expected future developments
  • Knowledge Check


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