March 26, 2024

Many larger companies – banks, financial institutions or any other type of organisation, use a Learning Management System. Just like i-KYC does. Let us dig into the various ways course materials can be deployed, to understand how this could best fit your organisation.

We use state-of the-art, widely used LMS systems, tailor these and upload our content to create our i-KYC Academy. Which in turn we use to deploy courses to our clients. Clients will then get access to the i-KYC Academy, to the modules they have purchased and as part of our LMS Services we give access to the entitled employees, run reports, help with queries etc. etc. The courses can be standard, non-jurisdictional and straight off-the-shelf but for many of our clients we amend, tailor and customise the content to ensure the learning requirements of the organisation are met. That’s one of our unique selling points, many bigger players in the market are not as agile.

We can also copy our i-KYC Academy – if it were – and create a dedicated training portal for a client. We do that for several of our customers who use that environment to host our courses but also other material. That’s the beauty of our solution, it will not limit you to use your academy for our courses only, but you can host your material, courses from other vendors and have 1 repository of all training material and 1 administration of employee training records. We just help you to get started with our material, you build on it yourself.

If you do have an LMS already we have a solution as well. You can purchase and use our e-learnings with something called a SCORM connector. SCORM is the language or format in which most e-learnings are made around the world. We at i-KYC use SCORM as well and – as explained above – host our e-learnings on our LMS in our own academy or the academy we set up for a customer. If you already have an LMS we can host the courses in our environment while learners in your organisation can access these courses via your in-house LMS. Easy and convenient.

So, whatever your situation and whatever your requirements might be, we have a suitable e-learning solution for you.