September 26, 2019

With this update the i-KYC team is pleased to bring to your attention a selection of interesting developments in the field of financial crime prevention in the third quarter of 2019.
  • Fixing the train(ing) wreck. We offer a few tips to get a better return on your training investment.
  • Speaking of which, a gentle reminder: have you already rolled out the obligatory annual AML/CFT refresher training for your staff?
  • Sekar Ramamoorthy reviews regulatory developments in Singapore.
  • Rolf van der Pol provides his input on the new initiatives to create KYC utilities. Are we going to get it right this time?
  • We highlight BroadView, a clever systems thinking/systems dynamics driven web application to efficiently improve your integrity risk governance and compliance.
  • We welcome Edgar Angeles as our new colleague-consultant in the Philippines.

We trust you will find our Trend Letter interesting and wish you much reading pleasure. As always, we welcome your feedback and comments to

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