September 29, 2017

We are pleased share with you the third i-KYC Trend Letter for 2017. In this quarter’s publication, we bring the following Financial Economic Crime insights and developments to your attention.
  • Will emerging technology such as block chain help to significantly reduce Trade Based Money Laundering? It is early days, but the prospects are exciting.
  • I-KYC’s ‘new joiner’ and MiFID specialist, Pieter Hoogeveen gives his perspective regarding investor protection under MiFID II.
  • Our feature training this quarter highlights i-KYC’s MiFID training.
  • We continue our series of articles on achieving two seemingly contradictory objectives: operational compliance and a reduction in the cost of compliance. Yes, we can!
  • New research has been published highlighting the impact of corruption in Nigeria. Vigilance remains key.
  • RegTech: a new Knowledge Sharing Platform initiative in Asia Pacific.
We trust you will find our Trend Letter interesting and wish you much reading pleasure. As always, we welcome your feedback and comments.