September 11, 2019

We are pleased share with you the second i-KYC Trend Letter for 2019. In this quarter’s publication, we bring the following Financial Economic Crime insights and developments to your attention.

  • We raise the flag and welcome our new partners to the i-KYC team of professionals.
  • The Wolfsberg Group regularly provides useful and practical guidance on FEC issues. No surprise then that the need for continuous FEC training features strongly.
  • Rolf van der Pol investigates why banks find digital onboarding so difficult to do effectively.
  • The most successful myth humans believe in is money. Are the endless incidents of banking misbehaviour beginning to erode trust and jeopardising this goose that lays the golden eggs?

We trust you will find our Trend Letter interesting and wish you much reading pleasure. As always, we welcome your feedback and comments to

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