June 27, 2023

The landscape of digital audio has significantly changed over the last years, gaining substantial popularity among adults. Surveys have shown that for instance 62% of U.S. citizens have listened to a podcast. This shift in popularity offers a springboard for the enhancement and innovation of corporate learning initiatives as well.

i-KYC has started to work with Anywyse which helps companies with the ability to provide training by means of audio. With the Anywyse platform, traditional text-based learning material can easily be converted into engaging and immersive audio content. Powered by AI models, the platform produces narrations that enhance comprehension and retention. This way, employees can leave their desk and engage in learning material on the move, listening to what Anywise has named ‘Wysers’?

Wysers Explained:
Wysers are a genre of podcasts, purposefully designed for continuous learning. Each Wyser is essentially a condensed, 10-15 minute informative audio piece. While some Wysers offer a comprehensive overview of a topic, others delve deeper, providing critical context to boost understanding.

These Wysers adhere to a didactic model that incorporates an array of techniques to boost knowledge retention and understanding. The use of repetitive patterns, illustrative examples, and various learning strategies within Wysers facilitate a better grasp of the content and enhanced recall for professionals.

The result is a learning tool that enables professionals to learn at their own pace, in a time-efficient manner that adheres to their individual learning preferences.

Value Proposition of Wysers:
The adoption of audio as a learning medium brings several benefits to the corporate space:

Flexibility: Wysers offer professionals a level of freedom to learn at anyone’s convenience. Rather than being confined to a desk, Wysers allows learning during moments that would otherwise remain unproductive.

This introduces a time-efficient solution; moments typically spent commuting or performing mundane tasks can now be utilized to study, essentially making learning a time-efficient and mobile endeavor. In addition, it leads to a healthier dynamic to professional development; the opportunity to combine learning with physical activity such as walking or exercising.

Accessibility: Digital audio is inherently approachable, largely because of its accessible and entertaining nature. Its accessibility stems from the ease with which professionals can learn. Since most individuals carry an Internet-connected device throughout the day, the resources for learning are already at their fingertips. All they need to do is plug in their headphones and start listening.

Additionally, digital audio blends learning with entertainment. While these two concepts may seem at odds, digital audio effectively merges them. The popularity of informative podcasts speaks to this trend. Captivating someone through audio is often simpler than through written text, rendering audio a more engaging and therefore, more accessible medium of learning.

Individuality: Acknowledging the diverse learning preferences in any corporate environment is crucial. The introduction of Wysers adds to this diversity in learning styles, providing an auditory learning experience for those who prefer it. This is particularly beneficial for individuals who have different learning challenges, or who struggle with traditional learning methods, making audio an important tool for better comprehension.

In summary, the inclusion of Wysers presents an engaging and time-saving learning method for professionals, giving them the liberty to learn at their convenience, fostering a more time-efficient and healthy learning environment that caters to the diverse learning preferences of professionals, leading to an overall better compliance with training programmes.