2020 Q4 Trend Letter

Check out the fourth quarter Trend Letter of 2020 if you are interested about KYC/AML data quality conundrums, the latest on digital crypto products and TBML training in a…

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2020 Q3 Trend Letter

The 2020 Third Quarter Trend Letter is out with lots of interesting information for the Financial Crime Prevention community.

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Living in a New Reality, a Perfect Storm with Changing Dynamics

Life has changed, the way we work too and the way business will operate as well. That creates new opportunities but also uncertainty for many with recessions, bad company results…

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The Impact of Ethical Guidelines on Reality

Building a compliant organisation is often left to individual line managers, unit heads, subsidiaries and branches, without assigning a single responsibility in the first line of…

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Cybercrime – a Global Business

The activities of cyber-criminals, whether working individually, as part of a small gang, as organised crime groups, or even for a nation state, have resulted in annual total…

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2020 Q2 Trendletter

i-KYC publishes its Q2 2020 Trendletter. This quarter, perhaps unsurprisingly, there is much focus on the impact of the pandemic on fighting financial crime.

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New strategic alliance for i-KYC

i-KYC is pleased to announce its strategic alliance with CompliLearn, a platform for delivering and managing staff professional learning that includes learning content,…

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i-KYC Trend Letter Q2, 2019

We are pleased share with you the second i-KYC Trend Letter for 2019. In this quarter’s publication, we bring the following Financial Economic Crime insights and developments to…

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Is Bank Misbehaviour Threatening The Myth of Money?

In the course of the past millennia the ‘myth’ of money has been hugely beneficial for the development of humankind. It is very powerful, but because it relies solely on a social…

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Q1 2019 Trend Letter

i-KYC publishes its Q1 2019 Trend Letter, the must-read source of Financial Economic Crime prevention intel and of trending developments. This quarter we delve into RegTech,…

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