2020 Q2 Trendletter

i-KYC publishes its Q2 2020 Trendletter. This quarter, perhaps unsurprisingly, there is much focus on the impact of the pandemic on fighting financial crime.

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New strategic alliance for i-KYC

i-KYC is pleased to announce its strategic alliance with CompliLearn, a platform for delivering and managing staff professional learning that includes learning content,…

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i-KYC Trend Letter Q2, 2019

We are pleased share with you the second i-KYC Trend Letter for 2019. In this quarter’s publication, we bring the following Financial Economic Crime insights and developments to…

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Is Bank Misbehaviour Threatening The Myth of Money?

In the course of the past millennia the ‘myth’ of money has been hugely beneficial for the development of humankind. It is very powerful, but because it relies solely on a social…

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Q1 2019 Trend Letter

i-KYC publishes its Q1 2019 Trend Letter, the must-read source of Financial Economic Crime prevention intel and of trending developments. This quarter we delve into RegTech,…

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Handling security issues in different cultures

A useful way of analyzing security issues that are handled across different cultures is offered by looking at them through the prism of Huib Wursten’s Mental Images

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RegTech – Miracle or Myth?

RegTech is a concept that creates a lot of buzz and holds many promises. Many players join the bandwagon; advisors, lawyers, risk managers and consultants all have an opinion and…

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The Dirty Politics of Money Laundering

In the struggle against money laundering in Europe, the score is now: EU member states 2, EU Commission 0. After succumbing to pressure from EU member states in compiling a list…

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A Case for Crypto KYC for Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs)

For some years now, regulators have chosen to ignore, prohibit or downplay the rise of crypto companies worldwide. Some early government adoptions came from the Swiss and…

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The failure of the KYC Utility Project in Singapore – a practical view

The idea of a KYC utility is not new. A bank I worked for – of which I will not mention the name -centralized trade operations for close to 50 other banks at a point in time; so…

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