2021 Q1 Trend Letter

Following the 2008 financial crisis regulators and the industry resolved to improve their control of the OTC derivatives markets and a raft of regulations ensued.

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The AML system is broken

The AML system is broken. The money spent by banks exceed recovered funds many times over and the persistent lack of results continues to disappoint. Here are a couple of…

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Of course they knew

In just a year and a half, 65.7 million euros and over $1 billion passed through the accounts of just one (1) client, an average of around $2.5 million for every working day.

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EMIR, where do we go from here?

EMIR is the EU regulation to reduce the systemic risk of OTC derivatives by setting guidelines for reporting to the regulators, making clearing mandatory for a large proportion of…

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Crypto and traditional financial institutions

Last week, the French Ministry of Finance announced new (and strict) KYC regulations on cryptocurrency companies to end the still existing anonymity.

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Data Quality in KYC/AML

In order to improve an organization’s ability to produce good quality data the ECB report states that it is important to have a program on data governance.

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Pandemic or not, fighting Financial Crime Compliance is still important

The pandemic still rages across the globe with countries in different degrees of lock down or slowly opening up. The impact on financial crime is not clear yet but headlines from…

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COVID-19 and Tax Integrity

In the context of COVID-19 corporate tax dodging takes on special relevance and the need to address it comprehensively is compelling.

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AML/CFT & COVID-19 Briefing

COVID-19 is creating distress in many societies and economies across the globe. In recent weeks much information has surfaced on how organised crime is evolving to benefit from…

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Risk and Opportunities under COVID-19

The COVID-19 crisis, the lockdowns and travel restrictions have an immediate impact on peoples lives. Likely at least part of that impact will stay. Normal will no longer be what…

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