A 360-degree approach to crypto assets

In recent years, the crypto asset landscape has expanded rapidly, and firms and regulators alike are struggling to keep up with the ramifications of this fast-moving industry. As…

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About football and financial crime

By the time you receive this last Trend Letter of 2022, the world footbal championship in Qatar is almost finished but let’s look at some of the Financial Crime Compliance related…

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New Course Release – Cybersecurity

i-KYC is proud to collaborate with GRC Solutions. Through this partnership we are widening the range of eLearnings availalble.

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How Hard is Negative News Screening?

Negative News Screening (NNS) or what used to be called Adverse Media Screening or Bad Press Searches is an important part of Customer Due Diligence (CDD).

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Observations from the MAS on name screening practices in midsized and small FIs

MAS recently published a report which highlights and summarizes their findings on name screening practices of selected FIs in Singapore. The findings are not dramatic, good…

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Russia sanctions are on the front page but there is more

The war that Russia wages on Ukraine is on top of the news and as a consequence the world of compliance is focusing on the sanctions imposed on Russia. Rightly so, because that’s…

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Financial Warfare

The traditional way nations settle disputes with each other when diplomatic efforts fail is to mobilise their armies and fight it out.

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Sanctions: a matter of going up and down the escalation ladder

Economic sanctions are political instruments applied by the international community or individual countries to adjust or punish the acts of a government,

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Ruminations on RegTech and Data Quality

First there is the issue of data quality or better of poor data quality. The more automation a financial institution wants to implement and the more artificial intelligence a bank…

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Why good organisations sometimes do bad things

The problem with a rules- and controls-based approach to compliance is that it does not provide very effective guidance when dealing with ethical situations such as is the case…

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