Talent Act Frequently Asked Questions

The demo I have seen only shows retail situations and I am responsible for the investment bankers.


TAAML is a very flexible training product, which can be customised based on any number of criteria. The demo on this site uses a number of retail banking AML situations to illustrate the uniqueness of this e-learning tool.

Can you provide training for Anti Bribery and Corruption (ABC)?


Yes, TAAML scenarios have also been written for ABC training, as well. We work with you to ensure that the scenarios are consistent with your organisation’s policies, as well as the client segments and target audience.. 

How is TAAML used in i-KYC's Risk Based AML Learning strategy?


The Risk Based AML Learning strategy consists of 3 steps:
1) Create an accurate AML heat map of the organisation by identifying those parts most at risk and in need of attention.   
2) Deliver business aligned, motivational learning based on the priorities identified in step 1
3) Renew the heat map at regular intervals
TAAML is used in step 1 and 3. For more details on i-KYC’s Risk Based AML Learning Strategy click here

Our need is to have more product specific training, is that possible?


TAAML can be configured to provide any combination of generic and product specific training you need. The generic training can be delivered to all employees, with specific role plays for geographies, products, businesses, et. al. You as the client decide what principles will be included in the training and with what focus.

Is Talent Act AML available in other languages, besides English?


The TAAML training is currently available in English and Spanish, and can be translated into any number of languages.

How long does the customisation for my requirements take?


Once the focus of the training has been agreed and the scenes have been written, the filming takes 4-6 weeks to complete, depending on the number of role plays to be filmed

Why is role playing so effective as a training tool


Adults learn differently than children. Role play allows adults to simulate real-life situations and ‘learn by doing’. This is far more effective to shape behaviour than by just absorbing knowledge. Think of it as when you are learning to ride a bicycle. You can read about it and understand the movements, but you will only master the skill by sitting on the bicycle. It is precisely for this reason that pilots will need to practice many hours in a flight simulator before they are allowed to fly an airplane.

This is an internet based system. How do you ensure the information about our staff is kept secure?


TAAML is hosted on a secure server and can only be accessed through a secure (https) connection. All information is encrypted and there are clever procedures in place to make sure that only the client can link user ID’s with the names of actual employees.

How reliable is the network connection. What if the programme crashes and you lose all our data?


Should you desire, i-KYC can host TAAML for you. We use a dedicated server and the Service Level Agreement that ensures > 99% availability during your working hours. All data is continuously backed up using mirror servers so that if one server would fail, all data is still available on the backup server.

Alternatively, as TAAML will be delivered in a SCORM compatible format, you can integrate the programme into your own learning environment.

TAAML is (too) expensive...


Actually, using TAAML is a risk-based approach to (mandatory) AML training and at least 30% less expensive than the alternative of an across the board class-room training and much more effective. The high reliability of the TAAML assessment gives the organisation accurate insight where the weak areas are that need special focus. AML training budget can then be applied where it is most needed. We have some statistics to demonstrate the cost efficiency of the tool.

Our bankers don't have time for AML training...


A TAAML assessment will take approximately 30 minutes to complete. Also, as it is internet based, it can be done from home if there is no opportunity during office hours.

TAAML is too difficult to use. Our Bankers aren't ready for this level of sophistication...


Using TAAML is very natural and intuitive. Each participant will receive a unique user ID and password with which to access the programme. After logging in the participant is given easy to understand instructions and each scenario is explained in easy steps when it is started. This user friendly approach allows the participant to fully concentrate on the AML learning.

How come I have never heard of TAAML before?


The underlying Talent Act technology is used in different industries, but is new to AML. Also, as (internet) technology continues to develop rapidly and access to internet is still expanding, TAAML combines cutting edge technology with a thorough understanding of the complexities of AML for maximum effectiveness.

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