Learning Management System

The i-KYC learning management system (LMS) is an online training platform customised to your profile that helps you efficiently manage your professional education programme, i.e. your e-learning training, classroom training, workshops, webinars etc. 


The i-KYC LMS allows the recording and reporting of all your online, offline, in-house and third party training in order to provide a comprehensive training record for each individual staff member. 

Managing your strategic learning programme

Regulatory compliance training obligations alone are a powerful incentive to consider investing in a LMS due to the system's ability to efficiently collect learning data and produce comprehensive reporting. But aside from this pressing regulatory need the LMS will also allow you to manage your entire professional learning plan for your staff, making it an important component of your overall strategic HR programme as well.

i-KYC's commitment

If in-house experience with a LMS is limited and your (IT) resources are stretched you can rely on i-KYC's expertise and let us manage your LMS for you. We have designed an innovative pay-as-you-go service plan catered especially to the needs of smaller to medium sized organisations. This plan minimises upfront investment and provides you with maximum flexibility to manage your learning programme. Among the benefits of the i-KYC service are:

  • Rapid and no-hassle deployment of your complete learning programme using a dedicated single point of contact;
  • Ability to incorporate historical training records; 
  • Introductory e-learning courses available throughout the year, e.g. for New Hires;
  • Specific e-learning or class room training for all staff or a targeted group during a limited period;
  • Email communication with individual participants regarding courses to be taken and on progress made;
  • Team Leader roles to allow department heads to monitor the progress of their teams;
  • Detailed management reporting regarding number of users and training results;
  • A 'no surprises' pay-as-you-go investment structure.


To experience the online training platform yourself, please contact us and we will provide you with a free demo account.

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