Supporting Senior Management

The first critical step in establishing processes and procedures for executing the Customer Due Diligence to demonstrate that you do, indeed, “Know Your Clients”, is to define your risk appetite.

On the scale of “doing the minimum possible” to “setting the highest industry standards” the senior management have to decide how to approach the fulfilment of your established policies.

i-KYC specialists will work with you to understand the factors involved in making these decisions, including:

  • Options for meeting your established policy requirements
  • Costs
  • Business impact
  • Business benefits
  • Demonstrability

In this process we will of course ensure understanding and buy in with all critical stakeholders. 

Lastly, we bring to the table a comparison of the current industry practices to support you in making the best decision unique for you and your businesses – whether locally or globally.

  • Business Integrity Solutions

    All of our work for you shares a common objective – a focus on the business benefits of KYC with your client at the centre of your business.

  • AML Training

    Effective AML training of your ‘first line of defense’ is critical to preventing your organisation from becoming unwitting facilitators of financial crime.

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