Customer Due Diligence

Knowing Your Client is achieved through a rigorous Customer Due Diligence (CDD) investigative process. Whilst this is to a large extent a fact-finding and analytical exercise, the process also involves interpreting evidence and surprisingly often judgement calls are to be made. This research is therefore ideally executed by specialised analysts.

Organisations may be tempted to allocate this responsibility to the front office staff. After all, they should be informed best and are accountable if the information is incomplete or incorrect, right?

What this position does not appreciate is that front office staff usually have little experience or affinity with such administrative tasks and have an inherent bias in the outcome of the investigation. CDD is an acquired skill that is best left to experienced analysts to execute.

Ultimately of course this research is but one element in your client acceptance process. Other parameters, such as your risk appetite, portfolio considerations and a dash of banker's 'gut feel' will decide whether or not you feel comfortable enough to engage. 

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