AML Operations

From a regulatory point of view, being able to evidence that your company follows your established processes and procedures in line with your Compliance policies is a critical part of the work you do on KYC.

Any regulator requires you to produce this information within a defined time limit upon request. Having both the systems and trained staff to create these electronic records will enable you to meet both valuable business goals, as well as meet the regulatory requirements. Having a system to store this client data will:

  • Reduce the sales to revenue time for the cross-sell of products, services and geographies within your organisation

  • Reduce the sales to revenue time for the sales of products and services to interrelated companies

  • Minimise the KYC administrative requirements for your front-office staff

  • Provide global access to these records to meet regulators’ requests locally and around the world

  • Business Integrity Solutions

    All of our work for you shares a common objective – a focus on the business benefits of KYC with your client at the centre of your business.

  • AML Training

    Effective AML training of your ‘first line of defense’ is critical to preventing your organisation from becoming unwitting facilitators of financial crime.

  • Are you in control?

    How exposed is your organisation to money laundering and terrorism financing risks? Take our five-minute RISK SCAN teaser here to find out. 

  • Money Laundering Challenge

    Can you think like a criminal and succesfully launder dirty money? To start the challenge and test your skills click here.