Trend Letter Q4 2017

Jan 162018

As 2017 draws to a close, we look back on another interesting Financial Economic Crime prevention year. The coming into force of the 4th EU AML Directive, the release of the Paradise Papers and other incidents gave us much to chew on. The new year promises to pack more regulatory punches as MiFID II and GDPR become law and, hopefully, there will be new surprises too. In this year’s last Trend Letter we share with you the following Financial Economic Crime insights and developments.

  • With OFC ‘Conduits’ and ‘Sinks’ we offer some sorely needed clarity in the highly politicised tax avoidance discussion.
  • Relevant for lavish festive season client gifts: Anti-bribery and Corruption & KYC work hand in glove.
  • Our feature training this quarter highlights i-KYC’s Client Lifecycle Management training.
  • We also continue our coverage of MiFID II. Pieter Hoogeveen this time addresses a topic conspicuously missing in the Regulation: rules about deceptive advertising.

The i-KYC team wishes our readers a peaceful festive season and a wholesome start to 2018.

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